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Hotel/Motel Grant Program

Hotel/Motel Grant Program


As authorized by the State Code of Iowa and the Anamosa Code of Ordinances, the City of Anamosa collects a seven percent hotel and motel tax, on overnight stays, within the City limits of Anamosa.

Each year, a portion of these funds are redistributed through the Anamosa Hotel/Motel Grant Program, to organizations that promote recreation, tourism, and economic development, in the City of Anamosa.


The Anamosa Hotel/Motel Grant Program provides grants to organizations that promote recreation, tourism, and economic development, in the City of Anamosa!


Anticipated funds available for 2024/2025:  $36,500

  • Applicants interested in applying for an Anamosa Hotel/Motel Grant must submit the required application to City Hall and a representative of the requesting organization must attend the designated City Council meeting, during which their application will be reviewed.

    Applications will be reviewed by the City Administrator and recommendations provided to the Anamosa City Council.  The City Council ultimately determines funding of the Hotel/Motel Grant Program

  • Timeline:

  • •    November 1st    Application Process Opens
    • Applications available on City of Anamosa Website

  • •    December 31st    Applications Due
    • Applications submitted to City Hall for Administrative Review

  • •    2nd Council meeting in January    City Council Presentations/Applications Reviewed
    • Representative attends City Council meeting

•    1st Council meeting in February    Notice of Award
    • City Hall provides notice of funds awarded and Disbursement Request Form.

  • •    April 1st    Disbursement Request Forms Due
    • Formal request for disbursement of funds

Additional Details:
•    The Hotel/Motel Grant Program is not intended to be an annual revenue stream for any organization.
•    Funds distributed will vary, from year-to-year, based on available funds.
•    The availability of funds is contingent upon City obligations being met.
•    Grant Applications and Disbursement Request Forms must be submitted by the established deadlines. 
•    Disbursement of funds must be requested within the subsequent fiscal year (July 1st – June 30th).
•    Funds not expended will be retained by the City of Anamosa.

Primary Evaluation Criteria:
•    Improves/promotes economic investment, tourism, or recreation within the City of Anamosa.
•    Enhances/initiates efforts to retain or improve existing businesses within the City.
•    Promotes the City of Anamosa as a destination.
•    Highlights the City’s attributes, events, & attractions.
•    Encourages overnight stays in the City’s hotels/motels.
•    Generates new and repeat visitors to the City of Anamosa.
•    Financial need of the requesting organization.
•    Other funding sources leveraged/Percentage of funding being requested.

Complete the Hotel/Motel Grant Application to apply for funds.