Lawrence Community Center - Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of shoes do I need to wear?

Tennis shoes are required in gym and racquetball courts.  Shoes cannot have black soles.

What does it cost for a daily fee to the L.C.C.?

$3.00 for youth under age 18 and $4.00 for adults over age 18.

Can I leave and come back without paying the fee again?

Yes, the fee is for the full day.

Do you rent the L.C.C.?

Yes, the meeting rooms and gym are available for a rental fee. 

Do you allow alcoholic beverages at the L.C.C.?

Renters must show proof of prior insurance to any alcoholic beverages being allowed at the Lawrence Community Center.

What type of decorations do you allow in the L.C.C. gym?

Holiday lights and special props are allowed.  Renters must mop gym floor, take out trash and clean up facility as they found it, including taking down tables and chairs.