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*****The following zoning ordinances have been changed.*****

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Attention Pet Owners!!!

This is a reminder of our responsibilities as pet owners.  Our City Code, Sec. 55.16-Prohibition of unhealthy, unsanitary conditions, states the following:

1. An owner shall keep all structures, pens, coops or yards wherein

animals are confined clean, devoid of vermin and free of odors arising

from urine and/or feces.

2. No owner or walker of any animal shall permit the animal to

discharge feces upon any public or private property other than the

property of the owner of the animal. The owner or walker shall be

deemed to permit the animal's discharge of feces if the owner does not

immediately thereafter take steps to remove and clean up the feces from

the property. While the owner of any animal may permit the animal to

discharge feces upon the owner's own property, the owner of the property

shall periodically remove and clean up the feces to prevent the

development of an odorous or unhealthy condition.(Ord. 706- Sep-04 Supp.)

3. All feces removed as aforesaid shall be placed in an airtight

container until it is removed pursuant to refuse collection procedures or

otherwise disposed of in a sanitary manner.

Please help keep our Main Street and our community looking good!