City Hall - Frequently Asked Questions

How and where do I pay my water bill?

You may pay by cash or check at City Hall.  You may also pay by check or money order in the drop box, which is located 2 doors to the north of City Hall.  We also offer automated payments directly from your checking account.  The paperwork for that is available at City Hall. 

What is the difference between a 'Snow Emergency' and a 'Snow Route'?

A Snow Route is a designated roadway that is posted with a sign which states, 'No parking after 2 inches or more snow/ice accumulation'.  A Snow Emergency is declared by the city and there shall be no parking on ANY city street until the Snow Emergency is terminated.  A Snow Emergency will be broadcast over local area television, radio stations and on this website (see list below).  

How can I find out if a Snow Emergency is in effect for Anamosa?

The City advertises on television stations: KCRG, KWWL, KGAN, KFXA/KFXB (Fox) and on radio stations: KDAT 104.5, KHAK 98.1, KRNA 94.1, KFMW 108, KOKZ 105.7, KKRQ 100.7.  There will also be an alert in a red box on the top of every page on this website. 

How and where do I pay a parking ticket?

You may pay your parking ticket by check or cash at either the Police Department (during business hours) or at City Hall.  If it is after hours, you may drop it in the outside drop box at City Hall.

What are the phone numbers at the Court House?

Assessor - 462-2671

Auditor - 462-2282

Bailiff - 462-2728

Clerk of Court - 462-4341

Community Services - 462-4457

County Attorney - 462-3961

Court Room - 462-2275

Drivers License  - 462-2137

Economics - 462-5310

Emergency Management - 462-4386

Engineer - 462-3785

Environmental Sanitarian - 462-4715

Extension Service - 462-2791

Human Services - 462-3557

Jail - 462-2720

Juvenile Court - 462-4601

Land Use - 462-2735

Magistrate Court - 462-4202

Maintenance Shop - 462-2572

Recorder - 462-2477

Resident Judge - 462-4255

Sheriff - 462-4371

Soil & Water Conservation District - 462-3196

Treasurer - 462-3559